Sunday, October 5, 2014

7 Myths (debunked) about Selling Art ,Photography and Visual Art in today's Online fine art marketplace.

7 Myths (debunked) about Selling Art ,Photography and Visual Art in today's Online fine art marketplace
Common misconceptions about selling one's art and photography online may hold visual artist back from artwork sales and marketing success in today's online marketplace. Since estimates are that 1/2 of ALL artwork sales will be made online, successful visual artist need a strategy to develop exposure and sales from the Internet.
Since 2007, the Art Marketing Agency ( has been working with visual artists. Here's the top misinformation and misconceptions that we get from our artists about selling their artworks online.
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Myth #1: Online galleries charge a fee
Reality: No. They are paid by their monthly Subscribers
Myth #2:  Your art could be stolen
Reality: You have copyright protection and the imagery is LOW resolution to avoid reproductions
Myth #3: Seller pays for shipping
Reality: The buyers pays for shipping. The buyers also  pays you "upfront" for the art purchase
- you do not prepare anything or need to keep an inventory
Myth #4:  Best galleries are in the USA
Reality: Not necessarily. The trend is that each Country has one top online gallery: ArtPrice in France, Saatchi in England, Artflakes in Berlin
Myth #5:Online galleries don't allow contact info (email,website) with the artists and "links"
Reality: Online galleries that the Art Marketing Agency works with do permit this
Myth #6: The exhibition are temporary and drop off after a few weeks
Reality: Gallery exhibition(s)  have NO termination date
Myth #7:  Build it (your art website)  and they will come 
Reality: Not true. Exhibitions in worldwide gallery deliver a significant INCREASE in visitors to your art/photo website and is an excellent art marketing strategy.
" The path to success is to stop talking and start doing."-Walt Disney
With this new information, artists & photographers  are now better prepared to get the art sales, collectors and art marketing success they deserve.

Get started the world is waiting....
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